About Us

beach sunset with silhouetteSince its founding in 1997, the Center for a New American Dream has been at the forefront of many issues. Through our programs and campaigns, we have raised awareness of the negative impact of a hyper-consumer culture, helped define conscious consuming and green living, focused on downshifting and finding balance, and helped large institutional buyers shift their procurement to greener alternatives.

Our focus on the connections between consumption, quality of life, and the environment has made New Dream unique among environmental and progressive groups. 

New Dream seeks to inform, inspire, connect, and catalyze action in ways that are fun and creative and that stir people’s minds and imaginations. We want to tell a new American story that showcases new pathways and positive visions that promote a more socially and ecologically balanced society. We seek to change social norms around consumption and consumerism and to support the local movement of individuals and communities pursuing lifestyle and community action.


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