What people have said about New Dream....

Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor
“[A] a bold and gutsy group. Through a combination of public outreach and well-targeted advocacy, [New Dream] is forging the way toward a more equitable and sustainable future.”

Danny Glover, actor
“[New Dream] helps Americans understand that the current model of overconsuming not only affects our quality of life and the environment, but is also an issue of social and economic justice. I strongly support this very valuable work.”

Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator
“[New Dream] shows the connection between protecting our environment and achieving social justice. Both are essential for the shrinking world of the 21st Century and both will be enhanced by the work of [New Dream].”

Meryl Streep, actor
“[A]n environmental group with vision, common sense, and best of all, a sense of humor. By challenging and inspiring people across the country to make simple but extremely important changes in their consumer behavior, [New Dream] is helping to restore balance to both the planet and our lives.”

Barbara Kingsolver, author
“I believe with all my heart there is still time, and still hope, for Americans to reorder our lives around the ideals of kindness, community, and a sustainable life on our wondrous planet. [New Dream] offers a doorway through which any of us may enter, today, and live that better life.”

Rep. Nydia M. Velazquez, Congresswoman - NY 12th District
“[O]ne of the few groups that truly understands the links between improving quality of life, protecting the environment and promoting social justice. Keep up the great work.”

Julian Bond, Chairman, NAACP National Board of Directors
“[New Dream] is helping our common dreams come true -- the dream we won’t mindlessly consume all that is best about our world.”

Ed Begley Jr., actor
“[New Dream] is the perfect immunization against the ‘affluenza’ that is afflicting us all. An antidote to the orgy of consumerism that escalates unabated, year after year. They can help us find a way to live simply, so that others may simply live.”

Bill McKibben, author and founder, 350.org
"[New Dream] has hit on just the right mission and just the right tone: we can live happier lives, and when we do our communities, human and natural, will prosper as a result. If there's any more essential work underway, I don't know of it."



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