Redefiningthe Dream

Inspiring, engaging, and challenging Americans to re-examine their cultural values on consumption and consumerism and initiating a new national conversation around what “the good life” and the “American dream” mean.

Increasingly, many of us associate our personal well-being with the high consumption of material goods. We have shifted from defining ourselves as citizens to being a society of consumers.

New Dream seeks to inspire people to re-examine their cultural values on consumption, "the good life," and never-ending economic growth. You'll find resources like:

  • Our Living the Dream series, profiling folks who are living lives focused on “more of what matters.”
  • Our American Dream Poll, which sheds new light on topics like advertising, consumption, and the sharing economy.
  • Our animated video, "America the Possible," in which author and environmentalist Gus Speth shows us another America: the place we truly want for our children and ourselves.
  • Our animated video, "Visualizing a Plenitude Economy," in which economist Juliet Schor envisions a post-consumer society.

Infographic Series

Do Americans work too much? New Dream's infographic series looks at the impacts of overworking.

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A New Vision of Economic Growth

We envision an economy that focuses on sustaining communities, family life, and the natural world.

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